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Pago Pago
Light Rain
Feels like 77°.
Humidity: 99% Dew Point: 75°
Clouds: 100% Pressure: 29.8 in
Wind: N 8 mph Visability: 3 mi Conditions as of 7:17am
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77 74
Rain until evening.
88%   100%
5:40   6:27
77 75
Rain starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.
88%   100%
5:40   6:27
77 74
Rain throughout the day.
96%   92%
5:40   6:28

Talanei Headlines

A mother pleads for Leone High School

Wednesday, November 14
As election fever settles down, the heat is being turned up out west over the condition of Leone High School. A letter from a parent to the media calls on... Read More at Talanei.com.

Six high school scientists bound for Hawaii Symposium

Wednesday, November 14
Six winners of the recent High School Science Symposium are eligible to represent American Samoa at the Pacific Science Symposium for Science and Sustainability in Honolulu,Hawai’i early next... Read More at Talanei.com.

Got your tickets for Punialava’a concert?

Wednesday, November 14
November 21st is set for the Punialavaa Concert at the Veterans memorial Stadium, hosted bytapumanaia Galu Satele and the  Love thy neighbor group. All proceeds from the concert will go... Read More at Talanei.com.

Lewis Wolman tipped to be new CEO of ASTCA

Wednesday, November 14
Word is out that a new CEO for the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority is waiting in the wings to take the helm of the government’s telecommunications company. But the... Read More at Talanei.com.

Former DPS officer jailed for 27 years

Tuesday, November 13
A former Department of Public Safety officer at the Juvenile Detention Center Okesene Alo will serve 27 years in jail for crimes committed while he was guarding juvenile detainees at... Read More at Talanei.com.

US Navy recruiter is here this week

Tuesday, November 13
A recruiter from the US Navy began visiting highschools today to promote educational benefits that the US Navy provides for high school graduates. Ronnie Kaopuiki first started recruiting here in... Read More at Talanei.com.