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Talanei Headlines

Governor responds to Fagatogo concerns

Friday, August 23
The governor told matai of Fagatogo at a meeting in his office yesterday that he wants just compensation for village and family lands that were taken by the federal government... Read More at Talanei.com.

Tafuna’s Tutuila Togilau is Principal of the Year

Thursday, August 22
Tafuna High School Principal Tutuila Togilau has been named as the Department of Education’s 2019-2020 Principal of the Year. She was selected by a panel representing the... Read More at Talanei.com.

Ex-TMO employees sentenced to 20 months

Thursday, August 22
Two former employees of Tautua Mo Oe were today sentenced to 20 months imprisonment for conspiracy to commit stealing. The amount of money that Inosiaolonaaiga Pauga and Malia One admitted... Read More at Talanei.com.

EPIC sets Toa Tamaitai training

Thursday, August 22
The 2nd meeting of the American Samoa Coordinated Community Response Executive Leadership Team convened Wednesday and was hosted by Empowering Pacific Island Communities (EPIC). The Office on Violence Against Women... Read More at Talanei.com.

Suspicions about medications

Thursday, August 22
After the arrest of a Vietnamese woman in Samoa carrying pills containing was police authorities in Samoa say are heroin and cocaine, travelers arriving here with large quantities of medication... Read More at Talanei.com.

Women police improving their status

Thursday, August 22
As chiefs of police from the Pacific islands began their annual meeting yesterday, the Women’s Advisory Network , which is the women’s arm of the Pacific Islands Chiefs... Read More at Talanei.com.