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Pago Pago
Feels like 80°.
Humidity: 3% Dew Point: -7°
Clouds: 5% Pressure: 29.96 in
Wind: ESE 13 mph Visability: 0 mi Conditions as of 11:18am.
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87 82
Dry throughout the day and windy starting in the afternoon.
10%   7%
6:36   5:57
87 84
Breezy throughout the day and partly cloudy overnight.
14%   9%
6:36   5:57
87 83
Breezy throughout the day and drizzle starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.
33%   38%
6:36   5:57
  • High Surf Advisory
    Updated: Sun May-28-17 02:30am SST
    Effective: Sun May-28-17 02:30am SST
    Expires: Sun May-28-17 02:30pm SST
    Severity: Minor
    Urgency: Expected
    Certainty: Likely
    Status: Actual
    Type: Alert
    Category: Met
    Areas affected: ASZ003; Manua; Tutuila and Aunuu
    Message Summary: ...a high surf advisory remains in effect...
    * surf...large surfs of 8 to 11 feet will continue to impact east and south facing shores.
    * timing...until 3 pm sst wednesday.
    * impacts...hazardous sufs and very strong rip currents. Precautionary/preparedness actions...
    A high surf advisory indicates large breaking waves will affect beaches in the advisory area...producing dangerous rip currents and localized beach erosion. Fautuaga mo galu maualuluga ofisa o le tau pago pago as 230 vaveao o le aso sa me 28 2017
    ...o loo faaauau le fautuaga mo galu maualuluga...
    * galu...o galu e 8 i le 11 futu le maualuluga o le a aafia ai pea gataifale i sasa`e ma saute o le atunuu.
    * taimi...se`ia oo i le 3 i le aoauli o le aso lulu.
    * aafiaga...e tetele galu ma e malolosi aave o le sami. Fautuaga/tapenaga...
    O fautuaga mo galu maualuluga e faailoa mai ai le malolosi ma le tetele o galu o le a aafia ai gataifale ma matafaga...ma o le a

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